Highlights from The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Cover of The Mark of Athena

This book is my 8th Riordan's read, and with this, he overtakes JK Rolling. Absolutely thrilling and fun-filled books. It probably is by far the best Percy Jackson book I have read. Totally nuts. I hope Hollywood will make movies on these books someday. Not like those crap Percy Jackosn movies, something as good as Harry Potter movies. Just a random wish from a mere mortal.

After almost 1000 pages, finally, a reunion of Percabeth happens, and gosh, I can't describe my feelings. The plot of this book is primarily focused on the quest of Annabeth, but there are mini-quests involving other characters also. The formula is the same, a prophecy, a pursuit, many side quests, victory, and finally, a cliffhanger. But during all these, the characters develop, and that's where Rick's writing shines. I love the way the characters are narrated, though Nico and Jason should have gotten more space.

The ending was the book is really shocking. It was such a massive cliffhanger that I couldn't resist myself from starting the next book immediately, that thankfully I already had, as I started this series long after all the books were released.

  • “Me? I’m not affected. I am called Nemesis in both Greek and Roman. I do not change, because revenge is universal.”

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