Highlights from The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Cover of The Blood of Olympus

I had tears in my eyes multiple times while I was reading this book. This universe holds a special place in my heart now. So, I am disappointed that Percy was reduced to a mere sidekick in this book. There wasn't a single chapter dedicated to Percy or Annabeth in this book. His only role seemed to be to spill his blood for the Earth mother. Every time he came to fight, he got his ass kicked. I did not like that. He is the character; I feel most connected.

Anyway, the ending was not very good. I was expecting some cool adventures and a grand finish to this series, but much was left to the reader's imagination. Leo's story could have given a proper climax instead of letting the reader think whatever she likes.

Nico finally got his deserved space. I liked the way Nico's character has improved since the last few books. The way he excepted his identity was a pleasant experience.

There is a cliffhanger after every 4-5 chapters in this book. So be prepared. I felt that the beginning of the book is slow, but I might be an exception here. I had already read four books of this series, so I was getting exhausted by the time I started reading this book.

Goodbye to a marvelous series. I loved it 💞.

  • But for now the best he could do was to follow his old rule: Keep moving. Don’t get bogged down. Don’t think about the bad stuff. Smile and joke even when you don’t feel like it. Especially when you don’t feel like it.

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  • …you can’t control every contingency. You have to accept that. Let it scare you. Trust that it’ll be okay anyway.’

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  • ‘Fear can’t be reasoned with. Neither can hate. They’re like love. They’re almost identical emotions. That’s why Ares and Aphrodite like each other. Their twin sons – Fear and Panic – were spawned from both war and love.’

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  • Hylla sniffed. ‘Always happens with men. They promise friendship. They promise to treat you as an equal. In the end, all they want is to possess you.’

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  • She forced herself to meet the giant’s gaze. ‘I don’t define myself by the boys who may or may not like me.’

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  • ‘The main thing about ghosts – most of them have lost their voices. In Asphodel, millions of them wander around aimlessly, trying to remember who they were. You know why they end up like that? Because in life they never took a stand one way or another. They never spoke out, so they were never heard. Your voice is your identity. If you don’t use it,’ he said with a shrug, ‘you’re halfway to Asphodel already.’

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